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by on May.29, 2009, under News

So the last few weeks have been fairly eventful in the Aion news department.

For starters the Australian distributer has been announced as QV Software. They have released such exciting games as Click & Play – 1000 games volume two and three (Not sure what happened to volume one). One of their other fine releases is the Guild Wars series. So I guess NC Soft are sticking with previously used companies, which makes sense. The Australian distributer doesn’t really affect me since I’ll just be ordering the game off Steam. Oh and they have their own dedicated website for Aion located here.

More interesting news is the announcement of the pre-ordering bonuses. Simply by pre-ordering you receive:

  • Access to all Aion Beta events, and early head-start access to Aion live game.
  • Access to Aion server and character preselection.
  • Exclusive in-game items including the Dark Cloud Helmet (stat boost), Talisman of Lodas (XP boost), and a retailer exclusive item.

People who purchase the Collectors edition receive:

  • 6.5″ hand-painted figurine of a winged Asmodian warrior-goddess
  • Exclusive in-game items including an exclusive wing set with stat boost, exclusive color dye, two emotes, and exclusive collector?s edition title with stat boost.
  • The official Aion soundtrack CD
  • Full color poster and map of the world of Atreia

This seems pretty decent for simply pre-ordering a game. In Taiwan the pre-order pack looked pretty cool (Note: Weird Asian plush toys not included)

The last big news, which Is kind of disappointing, is the announcement of no Australian based Aion servers. Although this doesn’t come as a surprise, deep down we all secretly hoped for Australian servers.

Finally I would like to officialy welcome our four new members, MagnetiX, Jett, Bouncy and Somebody. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

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