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by on May.11, 2009, under News

Why hello there! EchoComplex has been around for nearly a month, I thought this justified a post. Not much has really happened during the last few weeks. I guess this is mainly due to the lack of new information related to Aion coming from NCSoft.

The main topic of interests at the moment are what roles the Chanter class is going to play, and whether the Ranger has been nerfed to oblivion. If you’re interested in discussing this topic head over here.

We’re also in need of a guild emblem. One of the cool features of Aion’s guild structure is the ability to assign our own emblem. This can be displayed proudly on capes and shields, much like WoW’s tabbards except instead of choosing from a list of premade emblems we can design one from scratch. So we need some ideas on what our emblem should look like. If you have anything to contribute on the topic head over here.

We have had a number of new members join the guild (Kid, Vallum and Drake). I would like to officially welcome you all to the guild :). On the subject of recruitment, EchoComplex is still actively recruiting members. If you’re interested in joining, sign up to the forums and make a post! Things may seem a bit quiet at the moment, but closer to release the forums should be buzzing.


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